The Top 30 Most Common Black Girl Names

Most black girl names have their origin in many languages that include English, Latin and French. Many African languages such as Igbo, Yoruba, Zulu and Swahili are also sources of black girl names. Additionally, some black girl names also originate from Islam. Prefixes are a common trait in many black names. Prefixes of ‘Da’, ‘De’, ‘La’, and ‘Le’ are especially common. The society is less formal now than before and with the advent of the internet, new names and spellings have come up. Many people choose to give black girl names that carry a deeper meaning.

Outstanding Black Girl Names

Black girl names are very unique and sometimes children will not share their names with anyone else in a state. These are names that are also about standing out and were greatly influenced by the current situations families were facing at the time. The protest against white oppression in the 1960s also gave rise to new names. Many African Americans became ever more interested in Africa and their roots. The growing influence of Islam also contributed to the new naming traditions of black girls. Popular culture of the time was also a source of naming for black names. Black girl names, were in the past, ridiculed due to their funny pronunciations and spellings. Some names even used hyphens and apostrophes. This was something that had never been done before and was a source of racial ridicule back in the day.

The most important thing in choosing black girl names is to look for names that are not only beautiful but also carry a meaning.

The Top 30 Common Black Girl Names

1. Tasha
This is sometimes an abbreviation of the name Natasha. It is the Russian form of Natalie and means ‘born at Christmas’.

2. Yolanda
Means purple or violet. It was originally a French name ‘Yolande’.

3. Jasmine
It is a flower’s name, and it’s derived from the old form ‘Jessamine’

4. Shanice
It is a name that is of Hebrew origin that means ‘God is gracious’

5. Jada
It is a name that means ‘precious green stone’

6. Alexis
It is name of Greek origin that means ‘helper’ or ‘defender’

7. Aliyah
This is name of Hebrew and Arabic origin meaning ‘exalted’ or ‘lofty’

8. Tanya
It is a name of Russian origin that means ‘fairy princess’

9. Latoya
Latoya is a name of Spanish origin that means ‘victorious one’

10. Alisa
Alisa is a name that originates form Hebrew and means ‘great happiness’ or ‘joy’.

11. Brianna
Brianna is of Irish origin and means ‘strong’

12. Candice
It is a name of Greek origin and means ‘clarity’

13. Danielle
It is a feminine form of the name Daniel and means ‘God is my judge’

14. Desiree
It is a name of French origin that means ‘Desired’

15. Dana
Dana is name of Celtic origin that means ‘mother to the gods’

16. Joanne
A name of Latin origin that means ‘God is gracious’

17. Janice
A name of Hebrew origin that means ‘gift from God’

18. Keisha
Sometimes an abbreviation of the name Lakeisha that means ‘favorite’

19. Sharise
Sharise is a name of French origin meaning ‘Cherry’

20. Kimberly
It is a name of English origin meaning ‘royal forest’

21. Imani
Imani is a Swahili derived word meaning ‘faith’

22. Kiara
It is a name of Irish origin meaning ‘clear and bright’ and sometimes ‘little black one’

23. Deandra
Deandra is an English name that is a blend of Deanne and Andrea. It means ‘courageous’

24. Tia
Tia is a name of Greek origin and is also an abbreviation like Althea and Dorothea. It means ‘Goddess or godly’

25. Trina
It is a name of Scandinavian origin that means ‘pure’

26. Stephanie
Stephanie is a name of Greek origin that means crowned in victory. It is derived from the male name ‘Stephanos’ that means ‘crown’.

27. Tiffany
Tiffany is a name of Greek origin that means ‘God incarnate’ or the ‘manifestation of God’.

28. Tamicka
Tamicka is a name of Japanese origin. As an English name it means ‘friendly’

29. Amber
It is a name that is of Arabic origin. It means ‘Jewel’

30. Aleisha
Aleisha is a name of German origin. It is a common a name that means ‘noble’ or ‘kind’

Black Girl Names in Conclusion

These are just some of the most common black girl names in use today. However, there exist many unique black girl names that a parent may want to choose from. Some parents choose to even come up with completely new names with particular special meanings to the family. Some names may be related to a certain season or related to some certain significant event in life. And while your little girl grows up for her big wedding day in a beautiful dress, with here cute nails and hair¬†and a big wedding ring on her finger this will be the name melting together with her life partner’s! Ideally, black girl names are beautiful and are one of the most unique of all girl names.